Listed below are some of the features of Church Music Organiser.

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface.
  • System allows multiple databases to be created.
  • Databases can be easily synchronised across multiple computers.
  • Context-sensitive help throughout the program.
  • Report system built-in.
  • Backup and restore system built-in.
  • Rostering system built-in.
  • Stores basic song information, like author, copyright, key, beat and lyrics.
  • Can store files related to the song (eg MP3, PDF, etc).
  • Can store timing information for each song individually for use in "Enhanced" meetings where timings are recorded.
  • Provides a simple way of recording chord sheet details for songs.
  • Displays performance history for each song.
  • Easily bookmark or group songs for faster searches or inclusion in meetings.
  • Search on lyrics, authors, themes, or any of the stored information. Wildcards supported.
  • Comprehensive Bible reference searching.
  • Import Bible files from simple text files or from OpenSong.
  • Easily create song books or chord sheets for songs, in PDF or RTF (Rich Text Format).
  • Import/export songs in XML, OpenLyrics or Presenter formats.
  • Import chord information from ChordPro files.
  • Overhead presentations
    • Support for single and multiple monitor configurations.
    • Support for gradient background colours.
    • Support for background images on all displays. Can set default backgrounds for individual songs, or entire presentations.
    • "Front of house" and "Foldback" displays.
    • Custom messages allow any text to be displayed at any point in a presentation.
    • Export slides to Microsoft PowerPoint format (without having PowerPoint installed)
  • CCLI Integration
    • Easily record song usage statistics for each song.
    • Update song usage statistics directly to CCLI (user ID and password required).
    • Download songs from CCLI SongSelect® (user ID and password required).
  • Stores basic meeting information, like date, meeting type and Bible reference.
  • Can store files related to the meeting (eg MP3, PPT, PDF, etc).
  • Quickly email meeting details to all team members, or only those involved in the meeting.
  • Easily bookmark or group meetings for faster searches.
  • Import/export meetings in XML format.
  • Easily add songs or other items to the order of service.
  • Quickly set up templates for different types of services to make service planning simpler.
  • Easily add team members to the team for the meeting.
  • Standard or Enhanced order of service
    • The "Standard" order of service only lists each of the items in the meeting.
    • The "Enhanced" order of service adds timing information to each item, as well as allowing notes to be added to each item individually.
  • Integrated with rostering system.
  • Stores basic contact details for each team member.
  • Can store files related to the contact (eg PDF, DOC etc).
  • Can store the preferred role for each team member to allow for fast team selection.
  • Quickly see which songs a team member has performed.
  • Quickly see which resources a team member currently has.
  • Easily bookmark or group contacts for faster searches or inclusion in meetings.
  • Import/export contacts in XML format.
  • Stores basic resource details for each item.
  • Can store files related to the resource (eg PDF, DOC etc).
  • Each resource can be assigned to contact items.
  • Easily bookmark or group resources for faster searches.
  • Import/export resources in XML format.